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Why This Pastor Brings his Entire Team to C3

By January 2, 2018C3 Conference

Imagine watching C3 Conference on a laptop during a staff hunting trip. A tradition three years strong, when Pastor James Greer of Journey Church in Pineville, Louisiana, decided to take the leap and bring his team to C3 Conference 2015. It was a game changer.

In just a few years’ time, their church’s salvations, baptisms, and attendance tripled. Tripled.

Pastor James said, “Our minds were blown … so much that we now try to bring as many people as possible every year because we know the experience will bring our leaders to another level. And, if we can take our leaders to another level, we can take our church to another level. If we can take our church to another level, we can take our community to another level.”

And they aren’t kidding about opening up registrations to their church and community. They host a booth in their lobby so their church members and community leaders can sign up to attend. In 2017, they brought 110 people to conference. 110!

Pastor James continued, “There is something special about C3 Conference that clarifies vision and ignites passion, and that’s why we do it year after year. C3 has also opened doors for me to connect with other pastors, who have brought me encouragement and have helped me gain insight in growing the church.”

Pastor: take it from another pastor. C3 is more than a conference. It’s a catalyst for change – in your life, your church, and your community.

The questions isn’t, “Can I afford to bring my entire team?” The question is, “How can I afford not to?”

C3 has made it possible for you to bring your team too. After 20 registrations, the price drops to $20/person ($15/ person for C3 Global members).

What are you waiting for? Register Today!