C3 2019 On Demand



C3 Conference is all about equipping church leaders with the tools they need to bring a new level of excellence to their churches and hope to their communities. And now through the miracle of technology you can have access to the messages from the past C3 Conference 2019!

C3 Conference On Demand Includes:

  • High Definition Videos Of All General Sessions
  • Audio Downloads of All App Session

General Sessions:

  • General Session 1 – Ed Young
  • General Session 2 – Ed Young
  • General Session 3 – Stovall Weems
  • General Session 4a – Chad Veach
  • General Session 4b – Michael Todd
  • General Session 5a – David Hughes
  • General Session 5b – Craig Groeschel
  • General Session 6 – Interview w/ Rob Fordyce

Night Sessions:

  • Wednesday Night – Ed Young
  • Thursday Night – Craig Groeschel

App Sessions on Leadership:

  • The “How To’s” of Being a Pastor’s Wife With Lisa Young
  • Growing Your Church
  • Living in Rhythm
  • Church Planting
  • We Can Do That!
  • Equipping Leaders to Succeed
  • Who are You Reaching?
  • Creciendo Tú Iglesia
  • Fight it Out!
  • You Be You!

App Sessions on Worship / Creative:

  • Cramativity I
  • It’s the Weekend, Stupid!
  • Cramativity II

App Sessions on Kids / Students:

  • Rethinking Kids Ministry I
  • Student Ministry
  • Rethinking Kids Ministry II

App Sessions on First Impression:

  • Lessons in Impressions
  • Assimilation and Volunteers

App Sessions on Operations:

  • Facilities that Pop or Flop
  • Securing the House

Q&A Sessions:

  • Student Ministry
  • FC Kids
  • FC Creative
  • FC Connect