C3 2019 Live



C3 Conference is all about equipping church leaders with the tools they need to bring a new level of excellence to their churches and hope to their communities. And now through the miracle of technology you can attend C3 Conference 2019 right from where you are!

C3 Conference Live:

  • Live Streaming Access To All Events In The Worship Center
  • High Definition Videos Of All General Sessions
  • Audio Downloads of All App Session
  • Apple TV App To Stream Live And View All Session Media for 1 Year

C3 Conference 2019 Contributors:

  • Ed Young (Senior Pastor of Fellowship Church)
  • Craig Groeschel (Senior Pastor of Life Church)
  • Chad Veach (Senior Pastor of Zoe Church)
  • Stovall Weems (Senior Pastor of Celebration Church)
  • David Hughes (Senior Pastor of Church by the Glades)
  • James Merritt (Senior Pastor of Cross Pointe Church)
  • Michael Todd (Senior Pastor of Transformation Church)