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How to Bring Your Team to C3 Conference on a Budget

By January 15, 2018C3 Conference

The thought of group travel can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! We’ve heard so many pastors tell us that bringing their team has made all the difference. Why? It’s far more effective for your team to experience C3 Conference and discuss what they’re leaning, than one person experiencing it and explaining it to the team. It’s worth the investment to bring your team. Below are some tried and true ways, to bring your group to C3 and not break the bank!

  1. Write out a list of key leaders you would love to take to C3 Conference from your church – staff members, lay leaders and even influencers who are on the fringe and not yet involved or serving. Have an estimate number based on that list of how many of them might be able to come.
  2. Determine what you would like to organize as a church, and what you would like for individuals to organize themselves. (For instance, individuals organize and cover their airfare and transportation to and from the airport. The parameters were simply that they needed to arrive in Dallas by Tuesday night and depart on Friday. As a church, we arranged the hotel rooms and transportation to and from the conference. Food costs while at the conference were also up to the individual).
  3. Set up deadlines that you will need confirmations in order to book hotel rooms and rental cars without a price increase.
  4. Research hotels using C3Conference.com’s list for the best rates.
  5. Research rental cars or vans for the best deal based on the estimate of attenders you believe you’ll have.
  6. Gather the cost totals and divide by your estimated number of people.
  7. Prepare a document that explains the rates and what is expected by the individual in order to attend the conference.
  8. Promote and Host a C3 Conference Interest Meeting. Share the Conference promo video and cast vision of how powerful this 2-day experience will be for not only them, but the church and community.
  9. At the meeting, share some great flight options and money saving ideas such as:
    • i.  Certain airlines have much cheaper rates at larger airports. For instance, Spirit Airlines flies out of Tampa International for $150 total roundtrip). Google.com/flights is a great resource to look for the best options based on airports in your area.
    • ii. Carpool- Suggest for individuals to drive to the airport together and to get a shuttle or Uber together from the airport to the hotel. This also saves on cost.
    • iii. Carry on bags- For most airlines, one carry on is allowed free of charge. By not checking a bag, you are saving $25-$30 each way!)
  10. After the meeting, follow up with the attendees and anyone else who may not have made it to make sure they receive all the information.

BRING THE TEAM TO C3 and watch your staff, volunteers, church, and community grow!