Welcome to C3 Connected!

Posted December 01, 2017 by C3 Team

As pastors and leaders, we know first-hand that ministry is bru-tiful. That's right bru-tilful. It's both brutal and beautiful. The rush from experiencing the miraculous in ministry can often dim in the mundane of the day-to-day. And, while we speak in front of crowds week in and week out, ministry can be a very lonely place. 

That's why we created C3 Connected. Together with our friends at C3 Global and Creative Pastors, we are committed to not only connecting you to resources that encourage and inspire you while saving you time and money, but to connect you to a lifeline of other pastors and leaders in the trenches of ministry with you. 

So, whether it's sharing ideas that spark your creativity, practical tools to help you lead your team, or personal stories to empower you in your journey, we are with you, as together, we build the local Church!