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3 Ways to Bring Excellence to Your Ministry

By January 11, 2018C3 Conference

Think about this: we have a one-hour window of weekend worship to not only inspire, challenge, and empower people, but to motivate them to come back and bring someone with them! So, is excellence importance in ministry? Absolutely. Here are a few things we have learned over the years about excellence:

Keep the main thing the main thing. 
It’s all about the weekend. The weekend. The weekend.  So goes the weekend, so goes your church. Like you, your church can only do so many things and still maintain a level of excellence, so stay true to your vision. Your weekend experiences are the gateway to reach your community. We’re not saying cut other ministries, those are important. But, if they’re distracting from the main thing, something needs to change. It all needs to point to the weekend.

Inspect what you expect. 
Excellence is achieved when we check our egos at the door. Every week at Fellowship Church, Pastor Ed gathers the team to watch the experience and critique it. They evaluate the flow, the length, and especially the message. Cut what doesn’t work and be open to suggestions. A culture of constant critique is not always easy, but it ensures that you and your leaders are being stretched to greater heights for greater impact.

It’s gotta flow.
We all want to avoid those “music screeching to a halt” moments. And we aren’t just talking about worship transitions here – parking, greeting, hospitality, kids, students, etc. What about your first-time guest experience? Have you ever walked through your weekend as a guest? Try it sometime. Inspect it from the time you park your car until you get in your seat in the worship center.

This is just the tip of the excellence iceberg. If you want to dive deep, we have several App Sessions at C3 2018 that will address this topic in greater detail, several that are ministry-specific. Check them out here!