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3 Reasons Why Your Children’s Pastor Needs to be at C3 Conference

By January 25, 2018C3 Conference

At C3 2018, Fellowship Church’s Global Children’s Pastor Mike Johnson will be providing training on how to build a comprehensive, proactive plan within your church that can ensure you are doing your very best to build spiritual leadership into children and students birth through 12th grade.

  1. Learn the importance of families (really) partnering with the church. Pastor Mike has over 24 years of experience leading the children’s program at Fellowship Church, and has developed a unique plan to guide children, by families partnering with the church, into becoming the leaders that God designed them to be.
  2. Understand the importance of building a spiritual foundation early on in preschool and elementary ages.
  3. Learn how to partner with your student ministry to create a smooth transition and continued leadership into middle and high school years.

This strategic program and the benefits it can afford your church are immeasurable as you make it available to your young families and your community So, get your kids team on board with the vision by getting them to C3 Conference 2018!