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C3 Conference is a gathering of thousands of leaders and influencers from all walks of life and all around the world who are passionate about bringing a new level of excellence to their church and hope to their community.

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Dallas slash Fort Worth Texas February 8th through the 9th. Hosted By Ed Young, Conference Speakers include, Steven Furtick, Julie Richard, J Don George, Scott Thomas, and Tim Chambers. Dallas slash Fort Worth Texas February 8th through the 9th. Hosted By Ed Young, Conference Speakers include, Steven Furtick, Julie Richard, J Don George, Scott Thomas, and Tim Chambers.

App Sessions


  • Go Big, Aim High

    Fighting through the barriers and turning potential breakdowns into pivotal breakthroughs for you and your church.

  • Special Events

    Hosting special events, whether big or small, are all about sharing experiences and expanding your audience. Turn your good event into an exceptional event with clear vision and practical tools! We'll show you how.

  • Building a Team to Build the Vision

    Creating a volunteer team can be one of the most challenging and rewarding efforts within the church. Delegating, creating culture and keeping the vision hot take work. Discover how you can find, develop and lead the best your church has to offer.

  • Vision: Turning the Dream into Reality

    How do you define and implement a vision that reflects your values and shapes your culture? Learn how to implement the vision so it is on the lips of your church and in the fabric of who you are.

  • Successful Teams

    Are your differences strengthening you or dividing you? Your team will be stronger when you learn how to leverage your uniqueness to bring about greater results.

  • Two Worlds Collide.. Conflict in Ministry

    Conflict in ministry is inevitable. Someone will betray you, a volunteer will let you down, a team member will disappoint you, and misunderstandings will occur. Learn how to minimize and push through conflict to experience growth on the other side.

  • Living Beyond Expectations

    Whose expectations are you trying to meet? You can rise above the internal and external expectations that surround you and learn to run in your own lane by managing expectations and minimizing conflict.

  • Time Maximization

    Most people waste time. How can you do more than manage your time and actually maximize your time? Personalize your own strategy for getting more done!


  • Spanish Ministry

    Building a Hispanic ministry in a predominately English-speaking, but multicultural community can be a challenge. Join the conversation and get the handles you need to take your ministry to the next level.

  • Student Ministry: Finding More Hours in the Week

    Yes, you DO have time to plan, prepare and lead -- with enough time to still reach students! We'll show you how empowering and equipping your leaders will make your ministry work smarter and give you back hours in your day!

  • First Impressions

    Make your first impression your best impression! Create an environment that shows people the heart of your church before they even come onto your campus.

  • Worship

    Being a great worship leader is more than just leading a great worship experience. It's about pastoring and preparing your team to be great leaders on and off the stage.

  • Kids

    A great children's pastor doesn't just lead great children and a great team. They are essential for reaching and ministering to families. Learn the key factors that every children's pastor needs to know to accomplish great things.

  • Growth Track

    A biblically-functioning church is reaching unbelievers, new believers and mature believers. Create and customize a pathway that will meet the needs of many while still providing personalized attention.

  • Production

    It's more than lights and sound, it's the difference between run-of-the-mill average and over-the-top excellent. No matter your budget or resources, you can create an environment that tells the story and shares the Truth.

  • Communications/Social Media/Web

    Increase your marketting reach. Learn 7 hacks to help you next level your visual and verbal identity through your church, both online and in print.

Ministry Q&A Sessions

You've got questions and we've got answers!
Join us for one of our many Q&A discussion panels.

  • Students Q&A

  • Assimilation Q&A

  • Worship Q&A

  • Kids Q&A

  • Communications/Social Media/Web Q&A

  • Production Q&A

  • Sr. Pastors Q&A

  • Sr. Pastors' Wives Q&A

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